David here,

I am a full stack developer based in Toronto, Canada. I have 4+ years of professional work experience in web development and a B.ASc from the Honours Computer Science Co-op program at McMaster University.

I specialize in full stack web development. (Python/Django, Angular). But also have extensive experience with DevOps and SysAdmin Tools and integration with Cloud. You can check out some of my projects here.

Aside from development, I love to spend my time playing table tennis, traveling, taking photos and creating music.


Bank of Montreal Senior Full Stack Developer

Sep 2019 -
  • Architected and developed an AI Admin Panel in Django, Angular, Celery, and PostgreSQL. Greatly improving the efficiency of developers by allowing them to process documents, visualize extractions, generate training data, and update AI models
  • Developed a full stack application in Spring, Angular, and Oracle DB, with RESTful APIs servicing an interactive front-end helping business users service PPP Loans
  • Successfully designed and deployed the group’s first application in the cloud. Currently undertaking the containerization, design and deployment of migrating customor facing application to AWS
  • Designed and developed various Python applications and frameworks processing structured and unstructured data helping the group achieve automation and digitization
  • Very quickly prototyped SPAs enabling the business to visualize potential tools to aid their daily processes

RBC Web Developer

May 2017 -
Aug 2018
  • Developed responsive and accessible web apps and CMS components using JavaScript, LESS, and XSLT
  • Cut down project timelines by over 50% by creating automation scripts using Python and JavaScript to aid a CMS migration effort
  • Independently identified pain points of the team, and created web-based tools that significantly sped up processes. Winner of the internal Web Development Innovation Challenge

RightBlue Labs Lead Full Stack Developer

May 2015 -
Nov 2016
  • Developed and deployed a secure and scalable application using Python, Django, and PostgreSQL
  • Architected database models and application structure, implemented integration with services like E‑xact Payments, Intercom, Plivo, and Amazon S3
  • Developed a functional and interactive front-end using SCSS, jQuery, and data visualization libraries (DataTables, Chart.js)
  • Demonstrated technical leadership though mentorship, and ensured a high standard of code quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits
  • Worked in an agile/scrum environment while quickly adapting to incoming changes or feature requests from clients.

Cathay Drywall Tools Web Developer

2012 -
  • Developed and maintained a website using PHP and MySQL. managed SEO to achieve Page Rank #1 for our search Term.
  • Designed the logo and marketing materials using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher



Eduget is a platform that help students around the world find and apply to their ideal program. It offers a curated selection of recommended programs based on the user’s profile, and aggregates data from many sources including university rankings, cost of living, admission averages, and etc.

Web Django Python HTML ReactJS CSS

Touhou 1cc Tracker

Touhou 1cc Tracker is a progress tracker for the Japanese bullet hell game Touhou. Simplies tracking and sharing of achievement across multiple games. 50+ monthly users in this small community.

Web Django Python HTML Javascript CSS

Rent a Driveway

Final project for the course “Web Systems and Web Computing” built using mapbox, PHP, and MySQL. Users are able to register/login, list parking spaces for rent, or search for parking spaces near them using a variaty of criterias.

Web PHP SQL HTML Javascript CSS


osu!graphs is a statistics site for the online rhythm game osu!. It fetches player data using an API on a cron job and performs analysis to find trends and patterns, then presents it beautifully using Chart.JS

Web Django Python HTML Javascript CSS

Magic Tower

Magic Tower is a simple puzzle RPG game built from scratch using C++ and OpenGL. The player navigates through the tower collecting power-ups and defeating monsters.

Game C++ OpenGL Blender Photoshop

Ice Lrc

Ice Lrc is a tool that checks your music library and finds matching lyrics by using mutagen to get ID3 info, then Google search API and Beautiful soup for search and scraping, and finally embeds the lyrics into the file itself.

Software Python Beautiful Soup